School of Tuberculosis: Eradicating TB one Village at a Time

During the course of our Leadership Training School (LTS) we had the privilege to learn for the founding fathers of our mission. Learn and glean from their life experiences. It’s been amazing and challenging! Challenging to face the reality that it takes time, years even, to see dreams come to past.

But I’m a bit determined & perseverant, my dad calls me stubborn, but I like to believe that nothing is impossible if you’re willing to put in the hard yards.

Being a visionary is awesome! I always have dreams and ideas of things that could be. LTS helped me focus, hone in and go after those dreams.

The biggest cause of failure is to fail to set a good goal. You could be heading in a good direction, but how would you know that’s you’ve arrived at your destination unless you’ve set a goal? It’s better to achieve 80% of a good goal, rather than 100% of nothing by doing exactly nothing.

So I dream boldly and my goal is to Reduce the prevalence rate of Tuberculosis (TB) by 25% in 50 remote communities (in mountain ranges and isolated rivers, inaccessible by road or day trip with patrol tender from the Medical Ship) of the Southern Region of PNG by 2020.

This is exactly what I wrote for my project, however, the timeframe is a little skewed as I won’t be starting my project right away…

In order to decide how to reach our goal, we had to list objectives (things we want to see happen or limitations to work with) and then dream up four scenarios of how to best get to the goal. Once the scenarios are detailed, we measure them up with our list of objectives and come up with the best option and that’s our project. Then we plan it all out, step by step, all the details, steps involved, personnel required, resources and finances…

I chose to pioneer a school for Tuberculosis. A school designed to address the need in remote villages and work together with local health centres to increase their reach and diagnosis capacities. I dream to empower the students to do health promotion and education to increase the awareness of TB. Change the fatalistic mindsets and bring hope!

One of my favourite TB advocate/public health figure, Dr. Paul Farmer once said:

“In the history of humankind, tuberculosis (TB) has killed more people than any other disease. TB remains one of the top 10 causes of deaths in the world and competes with HIV/AIDS as the biggest killer amongst all infectious diseases. One of the overarching problems with TB is how difficult it can be to find and properly diagnose the people who are infected with active TB. As a result, approximately 3 million people who are not aware that they have active tuberculosis and are unwittingly infecting, on average, 15 to 20 more people beyond themselves. You can picture the exponential spread of the disease and recognize how frighteningly quickly those numbers add up: 1.4 million people will die from the disease this year, two to three people every minute, nearly 4000 every day. Yet most people know almost nothing of TB and likely think that it is no longer a public health challenge.”

If only people knew!

I dream of a world without TB… and my part starts in PNG, then who knows… Cambodia? India? Africa? YWAM is beautifully international and the school could be run anywhere!

TB of Spine – Eiwo

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