Willage, Wisual Acuity in the Wehicle!

Strive for excellence, all the time, in all you do. That’s the rule. The one I abide by anyways.

PNG is know as the land of the unexpected… when many unexpected things happen, we have to make due, adapt, overcome and just get it done.

One day we planned to do follow up visual acuity checks on our patients who had a cataract surgery the previous year. We brought everything we needed in the 10 seater car and headed out with our driver, the head nurse of the health centre and a list of patients.

Half of the patients couldn’t be found. When we did find a patient, we all piled out of the vehicle to set up a station. Except, there was no suitable location to set up, so we decided to se up right outside the vehicle (pronounced Wehicle if you’re german like my friend!). And as you would expect the whole “Willage”  came for the “wisual” acuity check. All in all, it wasn’t too bad, we had the proper chart and the right distance we measured with the tape we brought.

This got a lot more ghetto when it started to rain. Our driver called the patient right into the car! We open the back door, let him in and took a minute to think things through! Initially thinking we’d wait the rain out, but let’s face it it’s PNG, it might never stop!

I looked at the inside of the vehicle and wondered… “This is a big car! How long is it!?” We pulled out our measuring tape and we had our 3 meters! This was exactly what we needed for our special chart… So one of the team members help the chart as close as she could to the windshield! and we asked the patient to move as far back as he could leaning on the back door.

This is Willage Wisual Acuity in the Wehicle!


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