Deja Vu!

Oh how good is it to visit new places, learn new languages, see new sceneries!?

But the absolute best thing is returning to the same locations year after year… getting to reconnect with friends but really by now they have become family! This year I got to reconnect with friends in Port Moresby, Western Province, Gulf Province, Milne Bay, and Oro Province!

I have seen soo many people I knew it’s unreal! It’s like the coconut wireless warns people and they just flock towards us! So it’d take forever to tell you of all those encounters, so I’ll only tell of two!

My first deja vu was in Sinapa :)
It’s a small village I’ve dropped in on the way to Airara during our pioneering trip in 2013!
We did clinic all day, and when I was about done with clinic, I remembered that I had seen Luisa in Airara.

Now the story of how I first met Luisa is typical PNG!!! The story starts in the Highland of Oro Province, Kokoda to be precise. I meet this lovely women called Julie. Julie was the first person I met with a Face tattoo! And when I say face tattoo… I mean full blown face tattoo! The Oro people especially Miacin people (around Tufi area) are renowned in PNG for their tattoos. Julie and I had great chats and one day she heard that after leaving the mountains, we’d be heading down the coast towards Tufi. She then told me to keep an eye out for her sister Luisa in a village called Airara!

I then thought… Right! How in the world am I supposed to find that village (not on the map) and find this lady whom I have never seen, and have no picture of!!!??? But eh! I told Julie I’d keep an eye out! To my greatest surprise I ended up in Airara and I found Luisa in 2013.

So being nearly done with clinic, I thought I’d give it shot and try to inquire about Julie’s sister… except, my memory failed me that day and I forgot Luisa’s name…
So I ventured out of the Aid Post and asked the local mamas if by any chance they had seen Julie from Airara! (An entirely different village from where we are, not a chance!) Then a lady in the crowd says… “Well Julie has left a long time ago, but her sister Luisa is here!” Then Luisa who had been sitting on the side of the Aid Post for God only knows how long stood up and came to see me!

“Oh Angie! It’s so good to see you! I heard that white people from a ship were here so I had to travel and come to see just in case I could find you!”
IMG_3307 Notice how we haven’t changed at all in 2 years!!!

The other one is one of my absolute favourites… I’m biased of course, but she has my name, so I can be ;)

I got to see my little baby Ange once again in Oro Bay, her parents heard that the ship was coming to the port and they came to see me every single day! Baby Angie is now 2 years old, cheeky as ever and loves to give me bananas :)

IMG_3338Baby Ange and her mum Leoni

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