Overcoming the Impossible

You might remember my newsletter from August 2014…, and me mentioning something about having a film crew onboard our Medical Ship earlier this year… You might think that’s awesome! Well yes in some respect, it was pretty awesome, but when you first get out of bed after 24hrs of motion sickness… the first thing you want to see ISN’T a camera :) To get everything you say or do filmed is also quite daunting… But after a few days, chatting with Jacqui (filmmaker) and Matt (photographer), hearing their stories, and sharing my story… I found that they were quite lovely and not so scary anymore!

In case you missed out on the newsletter, these guys were hired by one of our Sponsors InterOil, to make a documentary showing the work that we do and highlighting our partnership with InterOil. The documentary was released in November in Port Moresby during a Gala Event as a fundraising tool in our “Overcoming the Impossible” campaign!

I love how a picture portraits a thousand words… and I hope that this documentary will help you grasp what I’m involved in here in Townsville and Papua New Guinea!

Hope you enjoy the movie!

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