Don’t Eat the Fish!!!

Warning: So this one is a bit of a funny one, not actual clinic, but a “Malarone” dream I had while in Oro!

“I’m in a supermarket, very western looking, actually I’m fairly sure that it is Woolworths in Townsville. I’m filling up a shopping cart, seemingly shopping for my outreach team (5 people). I’m walking down the aisles with a PNG mangi (~15 years old boy) and for some odd reason, we’re deciding what I’m buying. We get to the ice cream freezer and I pick a type of ice cream he doesn’t like and we argue about it for a bit before compromising for a different kind. I thought, “Wow! Why is this boy calling the shots!?” We get to check out and the shopping cart is way full! Way more food than my team would ever eat. “Oh well!”

We head back to the village we’re staying at in Oro Province of PNG. As we’re entering the village, I see loads of people buzzing around, mamas preparing a feast. I see a massive fish being carried to the mother. And then it clicked in my mind! They are cooking the fish for that mangi and I! In this village, the tradition is that when the couple shares the fish, they’re married!

I run as fast as I can to the end of the village! There’s a big platform rock at the tip over looking the ocean. On the platform, I find one of the health workers travelling with us. I tell him: “I can’t do this, I’m not eating the fish, I’m not getting married!” to which he replies: “No worries, it’s no big deal, you just have a little fish, then we go, we move on to the next village and then you forget about it, easy!” “I’m not eating the fish, I’m not getting married!” Then I woke up.

Now of course, I will have to have fish when I get married! Hahaha!

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