What’s for Dinner!?

I love to cook! And I love weekends because I usually get enough time to be a little more elaborate with my cooking…

Since starting with YWAM, I’ve had to cut some of the ingredients on the list. I simply can’t justify buying rare spices, fresh herbs, fancy vinegars or aromatic oils to enhance taste. I actually hold on to every random piece of food in my fridge or left overs to see how I can turn them into a better meal.

I downloaded an application that allows you to search for recipes to use specific ingredients. Over the weekend, I’ve ended up with 8 egg yolks. And no idea how to cook them in a yummy way… there’s only so many you can put in an omelette before it goes yuck! In search for a better idea, I pulled my phone and found a 7 yolks recipe for fresh pasta. Now spaghetti would have been good! But I don’t exactly have a pasta machine! So My right sided brain started to spin… “How about ravioli!? I have a rolling pin!” So I searched for ravioli filling and found one I conveniently had all the ingredients for! Quick homemade tomato sauce was easy and the whole idea seemed to make sense. After all we only needed to buy all purpose flour to feed everyone! I even put a loaf of bread in the bread maker, and dinner was sorted!

Haha! Ok it might have taken a while… a long while (3hrs) to make the pasta from start to finish, but it was so good, not one egg yolk was wasted, my housemates were blessed and I had a great time this afternoon! Enjoy the photos, I wish I could have shared this meal with you!

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