Anti-Nausea During Sails!

This album shows what I imagine the sails to be like…

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But that’s only what I think it would look like. I have no photos of the sails this year! And no way of knowing how good or bad the sails were as my main anti-nausea remedy is SLEEP :) That’s right, I slept through the whole 20-30 odds hours of sailing six times in a row this year!

I’ve always had a fair amount of motion sickness in cars and last year when I sailed for the first time, I was quite sick. So this year I’ve developed this recipe:

-Pull an all nighter before the sail and stay up for as long as we’re in calm water
-Hit bed 30 minutes before high seas
-Take anti-emetic (Gravol) every 4-6 hours
-Get up for no more than 5 minutes at a time
-Have 2 days’ worth of rations (water, nuts & dry crackers) easy access in your bunk
-AND always, always have a puke bucket beside your bed, better safe than sorry!

Sorry for the silliness of this post, but I needed to ensure you didn’t think I was an amazing sailor! I do walk like Jack Sparrow going up the stairs and around to the toilet, but we usually have decent sails.

Actually I did well on our roughest sail this year. We had swells/waves of 4 meters, and I managed not to be sick, and to be able to jab three puky bunk mates with anti-nausea injections. There’s nothing quite like the sound of vomiting to wake up to in the morning, haha!

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