Personal Conviction

I love working in PNG! Whether it’d be with the Ship or on a land based outreach, I enjoy wearing the casual “Ship Shirt/Lava Lava”-dress! When my time on the Ship was almost over, it dawned on me that I would possibly need to dress up a fair bit when I got to Townsville, depending on the office that I would end up working in.

When I found out that my new office didn’t have a dress standard, I was quite relieved that I din’t have to go shopping and wore the casual shorts and t-shirt for the first two days. Then I started to feel really awkward and felt like my attitude wasn’t right. After reflecting on it later that night, I was reminded of my time in the military…

By the time I had been in the Force for 6 years, I had stopped to care about “the 4 D’s” (Dress, Drive, Drill, Discipline). I no longer inspected my uniform to ensure all treads were burnt, I would barely make sure my head dress was half decent, waxed my boots one time out of five and was never early, quite often late actually! I had gotten to a place where, I no longer cared. My attitude was pretty much “What are they going to do!? Kick me out?… Good riddance!” And that’s crazy, because I used to love my job in the military. Two years later, I was putting in my release.

How is it connected!? That following weekend, I went shopping… (Opp Shop! I love secondhand stores, they’re the best, Thanks Jade ;) I found proper and corporate skirts & tops to ensure a professional appearance in the office. The way I dress highly influences the way I think and carry myself. I love what I do, and i’m not about to let my guard down on “the 4 D’s”, I’ve made that mistake once. I will uphold my own personal standard and sustain this love and passion for my work here with YWAM.

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