You need me to create what!?

“A CSV File”

I can only laugh at how much I’ve learnt, and how I can’t say that I’m technology challenged anymore! Which is crazy because there are still so many things I cannot do, but I now have a list of things I can do!

Two weeks ago, I started learning about mapping, more specifically creating maps! We were privileged to have a Cartographer (or 4K Mapping expert) from Kona, Hawaii come teach a few of us how to make maps that really show what we want. To create an easy visual representation of our work in Papua New Guinea and around the Pacific.

As 4K Mapping’s Vision Statement puts it: “To see the world and respond to its needs, to see where we are and where we are not, and to reach the all and every.”

Screen Shot 2013-10-20 at 5.13.57 PMDuring the Mapping seminar, we’ve learnt to use ArcGIS online to create our own maps, keeping track of where we’ve been with the Medical Ship as well as on outreach during the Introduction to Primary Health Care course.

On this first map, All the villages of the Gulf Province of Papua New Guinea are represented by a blue dot. The red dots are the villages we’ve been able to reach over the last 4 years. There are still so many unreached people in the Gulf, it’s really easy to see that we need to continue to reach out, involve more people and getting a bigger ship totally makes sense if our goal is to reach everyone and help Papua New Guinea deliver better health care.

Screen Shot 2013-10-20 at 5.00.54 PM

The following maps were made from the information collected during last year’s Introduction to Primary Health Care School Outreach. In every village visited,  a survey was conducted to learn about the needs of the community, including the types of medical aid available in the surroundings. This map represents the different types of medical facilities, and the presence of a red dot indicates that the facility is staffed. As seen on this map, 4 Aid/Post are currently unstaffed, creating a gap in the health services available.

Screen Shot 2013-10-20 at 5.02.14 PM

With this software, we can also made every point say something. On this map, I’ve illustrated the size of the villages with the red dots increasing in size proportionally with the  population. As well as showing the amount of water tanks with blue disks. When hovering over the different points on the map, tables like this one reveal the information found in the CSV files used to create the points on the map.

It’s so exciting to think about everything we can create and show on maps like these, but the most amazing thing is that we can now map 17 years worth of data that we’ve had sitting in excel files

Total Human NeedsOh and I nearly forgot! This next map (added a few days later, sorry if you’ve missed it the first time you read through) is a map of “Human Need” per Omega Zone. It was created by 4K but is an amazing example of what could be done with more practice and the necessary data.
Total Human Needs by 4K

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