Going Crazy in the Tropics!

Today I was sitting down at my kitchen table and trying to write my newsletter. At one point I got really itchy, and realized I had three mosquito bites on my legs. I’m allergic to mosquitoes, I really don’t like them biting me and I don’t want to get Dengue Fever… Fine it’s Queensland, it happens, I put Aloe Vera on them and thought “I’ll be fine”. Went back and sat in the same spot. Next minute, I have 10 bites on my legs, and I can see a fat mosquito under the table. ”That’s it, it’s war!” I dived under the table and tried to find it… no sight of this mosquito! So I decided to sit underneath the table and occupy this space. It might be worth it, this way at least I might not get bitten :)

Can you believe there’s more mosquitoes here in Townsville than in Papua New Guinea!!!???

Success! It’s been 20 minutes, and still no sight of this mosquito, I’m totally winning this :)

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