Story Time with the Governor!

That day we met the governor…

I think it was a Thursday… we went to town and had a nice chat with the extremely busy provincial governor… but he was legit and he even took some time to tell us stories, make us feel welcome and part of the family!

Tribal Fighting

“Two lovers from different clans were in love… and they couldn’t get married because of tribal wars. So they used to “get together” in the bush… but in that same bush was an exiled man. They were actually sleeping in his territory. He eventually found out about them and after studying them, he came to them in the night with a machete to asked them what are you doing!? “Who are you?” The girl answered him “I’m Janet.” The bush man said: “oh, that’s my mother’s name, I won’t kill you, you can go!” then he asked the man who he was and the man responded: “My name is John, but people also call me Janet sometimes!”

HealthCare in Kokoda Villages

So the Governor’s mother was a nurse and was one of the first ones to bring immunisations and family planning out into the Kokoda trail. In one village, she was teaching about family planning, and told the ladies about it, and then the men, educating on the effect of having more children than you can care for, on health and labour/how much you have to work and all. Then on how to use condoms. They had never seen condoms. She even used a banana to demonstrate.. she was very thorough. The following time she visited the village, one of the villagers pulled her aside and said to her: “Sister, you’ve lied to us… My wife is still getting pregnant, and look, all the bananas in the trees have condoms!”

I kid you not, true stories!!!

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