Save the Onions, Kill the Pig!

Story about how I nearly smashed my head on the ground trying not to absolutely fall out of the hut!


So one day my team returned early from village surveying, and having a bit of time on our hands before dinner, we decided to make burritos! Which got me really excited because I just love the satisfaction of making a good meal out of very basic ingredients and not much kitchen at all! (like that one time I made a legit pumpkin pie on a gas burner)

It was nearly 5:30pm, and dinner was getting late ish … still on time considering that our second half wasn’t back yet, but late considering everything we still had to do!

So I might have gone down the stairs rather quickly. And when I say stairs… I really mean small, round, slippery latches of wood that happen to be very far apart! On my second step, I felt my right foot slip past the stair and my left foot quickly flew backward and up towards the sky. At the same time, I put my left hand forward to protect me from the fall, and my right hand up… to save the onions that just so happened to both be in that hand.

Next second, all my bodyweight is shared between my left hand and my right pinky toe as it’s gripping onto the stair in a reverse or dorsiflexion kind of grab! Catastrophe avoided! I did not face plant out of the hut!!! But I did have to get back on my feet quickly before the 3 men that were rushing towards me came to help. I also had to convince them that everything was ok, which I firmly believed at the time.

It wasn’t long after that I realized that my toe was changing colour, swelling and hurting quite a bit! But thankfully, by that time, the focus was off of me and I could limp a little without being noticed… Or so I thought. One of our guards did notice and told me that if the owner of the house would have seen that fall, he would have had to kill a chicken or a pig to make it up to me. I was SOOO glad the owner never saw it, but jokingly one of my teammate who was craving bacon shouted “Let’s all fall out of the hut!”

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