Meet Simon…

I met Simon the first day I got to Oro Bay!

We had travelled for a few hours and had just arrived to St. Margarets Hospital, had some of the staff come over to greet us, a bit of time to unpack and still had time to kill until we had to go and tour the hospital, so Hannah and I took the opportunity to go for a swim at the creek.

As soon as we were in the water, came running down from the hill the neighbouring kids! Simon definitely became one of our favourite the moment he climbed a massive coconut tree to get us a drink!

When he saw his picture in the Coconut Palm, he asked me to show it to everyone in Canada and tell them about Simon from Oro Bay!
In this album, you’ll also find some photos from the neighbouring kids… such lovely kids, I can’t wait to return to Oro :)

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Being from the West, we were legitimately concerned that a child half our height would climb a coconut tree higher than a house to get us a drink, but tasting how good that fresh coconut wara was, we came to accept & love it!

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