Ekahi, Elua, Ekolu, Eha!

Ok, so there might be a thing I have omitted to tell you…

When I was in Australia the first time, I learnt a few songs in different languages, and one Maori dance. Coming back for a longer stretch this time, I decided to join the Proper Way “family”. Proper Way is a group of Pacific Islanders along with their multicultural friends (me being one of them…) who have a heart for the nations of the Pacific and really want to promote the Island Cultures through songs, dances, and stories. By raising awareness about the issues of the Pacific Nations, we can see more people get involved and change occur from within those Nations as they feel empowered.

I can already imagine a few of you going: “Angie, dancing!? Impossible!!!” Yes, quite so! I totally agree :) Let me describe what I think of Island dancing… because it is NOT what you think, it is not Hawaiian dancing as you see on TV. I would say it’s more of an intense workout. Part really physically challenging, needing endurance but also coordination and part “my hips don’t move that way!” It’s so hard, I have to really focus to sing and move my arms AND legs at all once!!!

And when we do arms, It reminds me of drill so much that I often keep pushing through the pain only because I tell myself: “You can surely do this, at least you’re not holding a C7 rifle in your hands…!” Replace the “Left,Right, Left, Right, Left, Right, Left!” by “Ekahi, Elua, Ekolu, Eha!” (1,2,3,4) smile and you’re almost doing Hawaiian Basics ;)

Alright there’s nothing quite like photos to properly explain this… enjoy!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The January schools were up at Hidden Valley to camp, so Proper Way went up to do a few dances, cook for them, and officially welcome them to our family.

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