Would You Like to Stay for Tea?

I was looking forward to connect with locals and have friends outside of YWAM.
To ensure a family feel, or to have a variety of different friend circles… being rooted and not feel isolated in the massive sea of people that circulate through here. Last Sunday I was blessed to meet 5 amazing people from the local community and spend the day with them. We had an amazing time and got to hear great stories :) Went for Fish & Chips, watched a movie, typical Aussie day… Then I was invited to stay for tea… (So far I had had morning and afternoon tea… they’re like snacks.)

“Would you like to stay for tea… we’re having spaghetti..!?”
“Oh no thanks, I’m good”
(Thinking what kind of crazy people snack on spaghetti right before dinner!?)

Then they ask a friend they had also invited… another YWAMer… “Would you like to stay for dinner… we’re having Spaghetti!?” OH MY! How rude of me to turn down dinner… :s They asked again, this time calling it by it’s “american name”.

“Would you like to Stay for DINNER!?”
“I’d be delighted to!” :)

Thankfully my faux-pas wasn’t held against me and I have made good friends with these strange people who have spaghetti for tea :)

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