Welcome to my Blog :)

You might be wondering “What on earth is Pangaea!?”

Pangaea is an Ancient Greek word that means “Entire Earth”. I first looked it up when my friend Jade started calling me “Angie Pangie”. I couldn’t find much meaning for “Pangie” but I stumbled upon the word Pangaea and found it to be quite fitting as I feel called to the Nations. Currently, I am working with Youth With a Mission – YWAM Townsville which invests into the people of Australia and Papua New Guinea.

In this Blog you will find my regular updates or Posts, some Photo albums, as well as different ways to Get involved and Donate. 

8 thoughts on “Home

  1. 2 days and counting… You will certainly be in our thoughts and prayers Angelica. You are such an inspiration to me. May God bless your ministry in abundance!

  2. Tu es tout un petit bout de femme chère Angie, avec un coeur grand comme un ocean
    continue ta bonne oeuvre fais du bien aux autres et je suis que tu le fais aussi por ton âme

    Je suis fière d’être parmi tes amies

    Nicole xx

  3. Salut Angie,
    Je vais prier pour toi, sois bénie. Sois une bénédiction par l’Esprit de Christ qui est en toi!

  4. Hi Angie,
    I just read your recent June update: Wow you sound busy! It appears that this job matches your high fitness and stamina :) I pray for you every day, (except the days I occasionally don’t make time to pray) and am so encouraged to hear of all the works God is doing through you and your team.

  5. Bonjour Angelica,
    Je vien de lire tes nouvelles pour votre outreach 3 et 4. La différence que vous faites pour ces gens est la concrétisation de la volonté de Dieu “sur la terre comme au ciel”. C’est três émouvant. Vous êtes les “pipelines” de l’amour de Dieu pour les petits et oubliés de ce monde! Qu’il te protège sous ses ailes divines (Ps. 91) tout au long de tes parcours .

  6. Just talked to you today. So awesome!! With God we can do all things. So happy to be in agreement with you by faith in love! Expecting great things in 2014.

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